A Mousey Tale

Specializing in Retired & Rare Maileg Items

A Mousey Tale is a web shop with a potpourri of beautiful Maileg collectibles. My own passion for Maileg started out a few years ago. As many others I took quite a shine on items that were out of stock or nowhere to be found. What was this? Oh, it's called rare and retired! 


In 2021 I decided to make the hunt for rare pieces a full-time job. I love to collect miniatures and I love the thrills of finding rarities - A Mousey Tale was born. And here we are - an Eeny Meeny Mousey shop with all the joy, enchantment and love that come with these magical little figures. I hope you will find it as delightful as I do.




A Mousey Tale AB is unaffiliated with Maileg Aps.